The Forum for Orientation and Recruitment FORWARD & BUSINESS, the Entrepreneurship Forum will be held at Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center (BIEL), one the largest and most prestigious exhibition centers in Lebanon, located on the waterfront of the Mediterranean Sea and in the heart of Beirut Central District (Solidere), two minutes away from Beirut Port and ten minutes away from Beirut International Airport.
The exhibition space will exceed 10000 sqm and comprise the following areas:
  • Employment and Internship Area including an international section
  • Education and Training Area including an international section
  • Business Opportunities and Services Area
  • Office Equipments and Supplies Area


Benefits from Participating
Whether you are a small company looking to grow or a multinational corporation seeking new prospects, FORWARD offers you the opportunity to:
  • Establish direct recruitment & build a reliable data-base by having face to face contact with more than 50,000 qualified job seekers and university graduates
  • Get the maximum results from a single event
  • Present your institution's recruitment process, policies & needs to the forum's visitors
  • Increase your company awareness and overall exposure
  • Enhance your link with future graduates
  • Benefit from direct contact with thousands of professionals and develop endless possibilities for partnerships
  • Fulfill your role in the society

Exhibitors’ Profile

FORWARD will gather the following parties:
  • Companies with recruitment needs
  • Recruitment Agencies and Headhunters
  • Training Centers
  • Personal and Business Development Centers
  • Associations, Syndicates and Professional Orders
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Technical and Professional Educational Institutes
FORWARD is an ideal meeting place for the Middle East workforce:
  • Junior to Senior Job Seekers
  • Fresh Graduates
  • University students
  • Human Resources and Training Specialists
  • Academics



Benefits from Participating
Whether you are a Small Company looking to grow or a Multinational Corporation seeking new prospects, BUSINESS offers you the opportunity to:
  • Establish a direct contact with 1000’s of highly targeted visitors
  • Gain an unrivaled retail opportunity to sell your products and services
  • Launch, demonstrate or sample your products
  • Draw customers to your products, services, stores, website…
  • Gauge consumer response and build a reliable customers database
  • Optimize your Company, brand or Product awareness
  • Benefit from an exceptional tangible ROI opportunity
  • Observe current market trends and Monitor the activity of competitors
    Collect market research on existing or potential products and services
  • Meet new and existing business partners
  • Save time and money by maximizing simultaneously your BtoB and BtoC networks in a one-stop location
  • Fulfill your social role by supporting the entrepreneurship development

Exhibitors’ Profile

Whether you are a local, regional or a multinational company or Institution providing any kind of services or products related to financing or banking, commercial or legal consultancy, communication or marketing, auditing or accounting, ICT equipments or solutions, business or banqueting premises, office furniture or supplies, staffing or training, BUSINESS provides you with a matchless opportunity to be in the midst of a vibrant business arena where deals & promotions are instantly conducted with more than 200 other exhibiting companies and 1000’s of seriously implicated visitors.
BUSINESS will gather, for a period of 4 days, the following parties:
  • Companies offering business services: consultancy, financing, banking, insurance, legal, IT, real estate, marketing, maintenance, security…
  • Companies offering business products: office supplies, furniture & equipments
  • Business development centers: staffing, training, coaching, mentoring
  • Franchising companies
  • Governmental and non-governmental support organizations & associations

BUSINESS is the region's first vital meeting place for individuals starting or expanding a business:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Companies owners, managers and buyers
  • Consumers interested in office supplies and equipments

Show Promotion and Attendance
Throughout the past twelve years, our group and primarily CAREERS, has developed a unique experience and expertise in the organization and planning of exhibitions and events. We have been known for our success to draw unprecedented visitors’ numbers to FORWARD and In Shape, the International Health, Beauty and Fitness Fair.
Moreover, CAREERS’ impressive ever-growing database of contacts built through our recruitment partnerships with the most prominent companies in the region, our large list of candidates amassed and fine-tuned over the years as well as our long-established relationship with the media will allow us to effectively promote the event and carry out a targeted campaign reaching all different stakeholders and potential visitors to create strong equity and awareness of the event.


E Square will use a variety of channels to promote FORWARD & BUSINESS, but not limited to the following:
  • TV & Radio interviews and advertisements
  • Advertisements and Interviews in renowned newspapers as well as local and regional magazines
  • Billboards/ LED screens
  • Posters
  • More than 50,000 copies of the salon’s guide distributed before and during the fair.
  • Creation of an exclusive highly attractive and informative website for FORWARD.
  • Personal invitations to prominent figures, economists, business & industry leaders, education & syndicates representatives
  • Mass E-mailing
  • Official opening ceremony and a press conference.

Moreover, Forward & Business will received full TV, Radio and press coverage throughout the four days of the exhibition.